Movies to Get You in the Mood for the Holidays

Movies to Get You in the Mood for the Holidays


If you are a fan of Tollywood and don’t know where to watch your favorite Telugu movies online, Aha Media has brought you the OTT channel. The channel contains all the latest Telugu movies, which viewers can search online. At MX Player or ZEE5 platforms, we can watch movies online. However, online watch movies have become the largest source of entertainment for every age group in this pandemic. Though binge-watching has been in trend for the last four to five years, The corona pandemic has brought about a significant increase of viewers for these channels. And if you are in the mood for a holiday or chilling out, you should watch gypsy.

The Tamil romance drama film Gypsy was released on the 6th of March 2020. Directed and written by Raju Marugan, this film has a different fan base. Amber Kumar is the film producer, and the music director includes Susheela Raman and Santhosh Narayan. The leading cast is Jiiva as Gypsy, John JeetKannadi as a young gypsy, and Natasha Singh as Waheeda. Also, Lal Jose as Muthaleef, Sunny Wayne as SakhavuBalan, Yasmin Khan as Waheeda’s mother, Fajilama who played as Waheeda’s younger sister, Fahran as Waheeda’s younger brother, Susheela Raman as Varanasi resident, Karuna Prasad, PiyushManush, and Bant Singh with various characters had performance amazingly.

The songs of the film have achieved outstanding ratings among the customers. The budget of the film is 6 Crores and the Box Office prediction to be 8 Crores. The movie has 130 minutes and is certified A. The acting of Jiiva in the movie fits the character and is impressive. Also, the looks of the dialogues of Jiiva gave a new charm to the movie. The story and the starting of the movie shall amaze the viewers, and they would love it. The cast has amazed the audience with their excellent performance.

The story revolves around a gypsy who is the child of a Hindu- Muslim couple and was killed in a terror attack. A singer took care of the gypsy and was responsible for giving him all life lessons. While dying, the singer tells the gypsy to find a lover who will help him complete a task of his life. Gypsy then reaches Nagor along with his horse, where he falls in love with Waheeda. But, due to some incidents, they got separated. The whole movie revolves around the story of how they both get together based on religious grounds.

The best part of the Tollywood industry is the sincerity with which all the crew members perform. It has become people’s favorite part now to watch Indian movies online because of all the facilities they have with them. The OTT Platform has given all age groups and all economic sections an excellent entertainment source. Not in India, but also in Foreign countries people are watching Telugu movies which is an outstanding achievement.