Japansex Mom – Injected by lovely son

I still vividly remember being drawn down by my chubby fat mom, but it was during my short spring break until I graduated from high school and didn’t go to college before getting a job. Then I lost my virginity. I was born as the youngest child when my mom was 34 years old.

When I was young, my mom took me back and returned to my parents’ home with my father and separated from my father and my parents The day before I went back to my mom when I was alone, my mom said, “I like my son the most,” and smashed my cheeks with both hands and rubbed my nose tips together.

When I came back to my parents’ home and started to help with clerical work, I was in the second grade in elementary school, my mom was a forty-year-old mature woman, and I was a single elementary school student until the sixth grade.

When I said, “Your feet are cold,” I put my leg between my stuffy thighs and slept. Sometimes I said, “Your hands are cold,” and I told my hand from the neck of my sleepwear.

When I went to sleep with my legs tucked in my mom’s thighs, which led me to touch my breasts directly and warmed up, for some reason my mom was not wearing underwear and my man hair was rubbed against my thighs I thought that my mom’s hand was rubbing from above. It was the same in summer when I thought about it, so it was never cold or cold. Still, it seems that my mom felt a man for me as a son even if I was a child “Mom, warm” And my mom’s love and obediently at that time By the time I became a junior high school student, my grandparents had already passed away. There was a vacant room on the second floor, so it’s really like sleeping in separate rooms. However, such an act has disappeared, but in a week from the graduation ceremony of high school until I got a job, I was incest for the first time and soon separated from my family and got a job in a remote place and I can not see my mom for a while

When I asked my mom, who was turned fifty with the memories of her days, “Obukuro, can I sleep with this bag tonight?” she said, “Yes, I’m going to go soon.” Sleeping mom after a long absence. As I was talking about the old days, the night went on. “When the bag was small, you often put your hands in the breast to warm it up.” “Yes, like this.” I had lost tension, but it was a soft dripping tit My hands were rubbing naturally before my mom’s hands were added “You warmed your legs like this,” From my mom’s thigh, at that time As I was inserting my thigh just like a crutch in a SEX position, at the age of 18, the penis was peeled off, and the glans were exposed. Naturally, I understood the activities of men and women Consciousness. Even if I didn’t do it, my penis usually had an erection. I thought that my man’s man’s hair rubs against my thighs as I did at that time.

At this time, my mom didn’t wear underwear like she used to, rubbing her plump boobs and rubbing her thighs together. My mom’s breathing began to be disturbed when I was holding my erected penis myself, and I started to move actively and weakly back and forth The breath gradually began to be concerned, and I rubbed my thighs on my pussy so that I could hold my buttocks

But I turned my hand around my mom’s big butt and rubbed my thighs, and my mom’s pussy was already wet with jealous juice. My leg rubbed my pussy. My left and right breasts rubbed my penis. I haven’t held it for more than ten years since I separated from my father to keep a man’s penis while holding him. (I got divorced during that time), so I thought I had a big penis. With the fat mom facing up and the thighs sandwiched between the mom’s legs, the chest of the mom’s sleepwear was opened wide under the light of a miniature bulb, but the tension was lost, but a sizeable white knocker entered the eyes.

My mom sleeping on her back was cute like a sesame seal, and it was a fair-skinned and big tits that I remember remembering the thighs rubbing her pussy and rubbing her left and right tits alternately and licking her nipples I turned into a light moan and covered my face with one hand, my uncle downstairs, closed my mouth so my aunt couldn’t hear me, and turned into pant I was still virgin while squeezing as if I’d never let go of my penis

However, because I was trained by masturbation, I did not ejaculate at this degree I was ready to lie down with a fat mom who was lying upside down and when I put my hand on the mom’s crevice, null and naughty juice entwined at my fingertips It is the hip “Oh, I rub it with my fingers,” which was flowing down to my mom, told me so and sucked my nipple that turned away, and while rubbing it with my tongue, rubbing the cracks of my mom’s pussy covered in mischief My mom’s lower belly swelled up and down like a wave “Hah~” “○○, ride” I dropped my waist between the M-shaped legs opened in my mom’s M-shape. I turned into the dim light of a miniature bulb.

Japansex Mom - Injected by lovely son

I saw an uncensored, raw pussy that resembled a shrimp mom’s shrimp abalone that was shining tiger. I was tempted to put it in quickly when my glans hit it, my mom’s hand touched my penis pussy I was urged to stick out in front of “as it is … waist”, and when I put a force on it, there was no resistance and my penis swallowed into my mom’s pussy, warm inside, You can’t move it for a while with a slimy feeling that clings to a penis that can not be said

My mom’s hips started to move up and down, and the penis rubbed inside squeezed into my lower abdomen, and I couldn’t help but feel the pleasure of sex. “I didn’t have to worry, and it was early.” My mom, who put a towel instead of a pillow cover in her crotch, kept stroking my shaved head gently and forever, and then with a fat mature mom over 50 years old. My mom-to-child, incest life began.