Alpha-Lactalbumin Powder: A Healthy Food Supplement

Alpha-Lactalbumin Powder: A Healthy Food Supplement

Alpha-lactalbuminis a small protein that is mainly involved in the regulation of production of lactose that is present in the milk of almost all of the mammalian species found on the planet Earth. In mammals, if we consider the case of primates, the expression of alpha-lactalbuminis regulated in response to the hormone called prolactin and in turn, increases the production of lactose.

Let us understand how this small protein functions and the physical properties that it possesses along with the health benefits that it has to offer. In many individuals, the production of lactose is prolonged due to the improper functioning of these small protein molecules. This defect can be handled by the consumption of alpha lactalbumin powder of various brands that is available in the market. In this article, we will also discuss the benefits of consuming these supplements.

Physical properties of alpha-lactalbumin

We consider in detail, then the structure of alpha-lactalbumin is composed of 123 amino acids that are the basic unit of a protein, along with four disulphide bridges that support the complete structure. One of the basic differences between the alpha-lactalbumin and beta lactoglobulin is that it does not have any free thiol group present in its structure that can act as a starting point for any kind of a covalent aggregation reaction. Due to this property, the pure form of these proteins does not form a gel-like structure when they are acidified or denatured.

Benefits of alpha-lactalbumin

Just like most of the protein synthesized in a human body, Alpha-lactalbumin also serves a purpose and is of great importance to maintain a healthy body. Let us look at some of the amazing benefits of this lactose protein and how it promotes healthy body functioning:

  • It has a high content of tryptophan amino acid, due to which these proteins are highly recommended for improving sleeping patterns. It promotes the secretion of the hormone serotonin in the brain, which in turn promotes melatonin that is directly involved in maintaining body sleep patterns.
  • It also improves visual memory, cognitive functioning, and mood in the individuals that are more prone to be affected by stress.
  • It has a high level of cysteine amino acid that supports the immune system of the body and helps in repairing body tissues. Cysteine also protects against oxidative damages inside the body.
  • It is a rich source of sulfur-containing amino acids that helps in promoting various physiological activities.

Alpha-Lactalbumin Powder: A Healthy Food Supplement

Online supplement for alpha-lactalbumin

With the endless benefits that this protein provides, there has been an upsurge in the demand of alpha-lactalbumin powder amongst all those who suffer due to the deficiency of naturally produced protein like beta lactoglobulin. Many companies offer it as an additional food supplement that meets all the requirements of the body and is a good alternative for the naturally occurring protein.

Due to the increasing accessibility of the internet, many companies prefer the online sale of their products as it is much more profitable.