The Main Differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

The Main Differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

CBD oil is a form of Hemp oil, but the latter oil cannot be classified as CBD oil. Hence, these two different oils are often confused by its users as they originate from the cannabis plants. 

The difference between both these oils

  • The difference between the oil ingredients: 
    • They both do originate from the same cannabis plant. Hemp oil is mainly extracted from the Sativa plant thus contain negligible THC.  CBD oil contains 0.03% THC, thus qualified to use for treating varied ailments.  While in hemp oil, you will find THC in greater proportions comparatively. 
  • Origin: 
    • Since centuries the hemp plant is grown in many countries of Asia and in mid-Eastern countries. Hemp oil is actually extracted from the hemp seed while CBD is mostly extracted from flowers of the hemp plant. The most popular hemp oil is raw, organic unrefined hemp seed oil. 
  • Products: 
    • CBD oil is induced to form an array of products to cure ample of health issues related to different parts of the body. It is even used for healing health of pet animals. You can get CBD oil from only its manufacturing online platform or from a few listed CBD stores. 
    • Hemp oil-induced products are less and aren’t mainly used for its healing qualities. The hemp oil is used for baking and cooking food as well. Similar to CBD oil, the oil extracted from the Sativa plant is used to make cosmetic products like shampoo, body wash, bathing soap, and body lotion. Hemp oil is available in major departmental stores and in every online grocery and cosmetic markets. 
  • Formation or composition of the oils: 
    • There is a vast difference between both oil production as hemp seeds are pressed heavily to extract hemp oil. CBD oil is made using the whole plant, while the hemp plant is made mainly from flowers. Moreover, modern complicated techniques are used to extract the CBD oil.
    • Cold press extraction techniques are best suitable for extracting hemp oil to maintain its unique light green color and its nutty flavor.
    • To make CBD oil supercritical fluid extraction methods are used. CBD oil color is dark gold and the hemp plant has an earthy flavor.  
  • Cost of oils:
    • CBD oil is a lot expensive as compared to hemp oil. This is mainly because of its highly complicated production and positive effective qualities making it a world-famous healer element. Hence, no CBD products are cheap, and if the seller offers it at a lower price the product is sure to be a fake CBD oil-based product. 

However, you can’t use hemp oil in place of CBD oil for treating ailments even though hemp oil has CBD components in large proportions. This is because the quality strength of CBD in hemp oil is quite low. The difference in healing quality occurs because CBD is made using the whole of the hemp plant. 

CBD oil is used for vaping, and thus CBD cartridges are sold worldwide. You can buy the cartridges filled with pure CBD oil from every popular seller like You will be surely using superior quality products and realize the best effects of CBD oil every time.