Escaped Japanese Mom Sex with son

Escaped Japanese Mom Sex with son

It’s been a week since my son, a college student, shut himself up in the room. The 54-year-old mother is worried and consults with her husband, but correctly dismisses, “There may be such a thing.” There is no one to talk to, and the fifty housewives are worried alone. (I have to face it firmly as a mother …) The mother decides that she can’t help but rushes into her son’s room. “Consult your mother about what happened!” A mother tells her son in a firm tone.

However, the son pushed down his mother by force, saying, “That’s why I don’t like women.” Then, I rubbed my fifty mother’s breast and pressed nipples firmly with my finger from the top of my panties. “What are you doing … do it, stop …!” The fifty mother, who was surprised at the sudden thing, dispelled her son and ran away. However, the rebellious son relentlessly chased and sucked his mother’s shrivelled grape nipples and stripped off her panties. “Stop, stop” The more the mother resists, the more the son’s beast lust is fueled.

When he grabbed the penis that had turned back with excitement, his son forced him into a honey pot that wasn’t wet. “Hey … hey …” The mother makes a sad voice to the sharp pain as if the hymen had been torn. However, my son shook his hips back and forth regardless and pierced the crack. The son who stopped moving before long pulls out the meat stick. The vaginal cum shot leaked from the pussy with a hole in it. “I’m sorry …” The son who returned to me turned his back on his mother and quivered. “It’s okay … because it’s okay” Creampie sex that can be said to be almost rape.

Despite experiencing too miserable incest, the fifty mature woman gets up and hugs her son. I wanted to cry. However, her affection as a mother exceeded that. An affair with a son who did not wish to it awakens a woman of a fifty mature woman. (It was painful, but … it felt right) I wanted a cock so much that I used yam as a penis in the kitchen and did a pseudo-blow job. That night. Perhaps the pheromones of lust were overflowing, the owner rarely asked for the couple’s activities. In the daytime, she chews on the dripping milk and nipples sucked by her son. I became sensitive and carefully licked the wet female hole and did cunnilingus and made the cock serve the lips. (My son … feels stronger …) While doing the licking with his moist eyes, he makes a nasty comparison in his heart. While giving up on such a slutty self, he enthusiastically continued his lip service. “It’s good, it feels good, it’s irresistible …”

Not knowing what the 54-year-old wife is thinking, the host enjoys tongue play with a fluffy face. And when I made my wife take a crawl on all fours, I inserted a cock that was angry with Bing into the vaginal cave at once. Every time the piston is driven, the tip of the breast is rubbed with the sheets. “Okay … it’s crazy … yes …” I’m about to reach the peak as soon as possible. However, while being stabbed by her husband, her son’s cock was sitting in her head …